The Trucking's Frontline Heroes Ceremony

2021 Heroes Award Ceremony

On the biggest stage at trucking's biggest show, we celebrate trucking's greatest heroes. Since this award was launched, we have honored the heroes being recognized with a ceremony held during the American Trucking Association's Management Conference & Exhibition.

Transport Topics Publisher Sue Hensley opens the ceremony with remarks about the program and the year's theme and selection process. The special video package is displayed to the audiences and shares the journey of our honorees - their backgrounds, their choice to act, and the lives they saved in the process. After the honorees join Sue on stage, they are handed a trophy to celebrate their award and given the chance to share some remarks.

In 2020, when we were only able to meet virtually, we prepared a special video package that shared the stories of our chosen heroes. The virtual attendees of MC&E 2020 were shown stories of honor, bravery, and humanity.

In 2021, we were able to celebrate our heroes live and in-person at a ceremony during MC&E in Nashville, TN. After prepared remarks were delivered by Transport Topics Publisher Sue Hensley, we shared a video package that celebrated the remarkable work of our two heroes and honored them with special Trucking's Frontline Heroes award statues.

In 2022, we hosted the award ceremony at MC&E in San Diego, CA. Our chosen heroes were celebrated with special remarks from Transport Topics Publisher Sue Hensley, a video highlighting their humanitarianism, and engraved Trucking's Frontline Heroes award statues.

In 2023, we will again be honoring Trucking's Frontline Heroes during MC&E in Austin, TX on October 14-17.

The ceremony celebrates the bravery of those who chose to act in the face of alarming odds in a simple, emotional, and, ultimately, very shareable way. Those who watch the ceremony and its stories are compelled to retell those tales to friends, colleagues, and others, making the celebrated heroes industry legends.

Our heroes are remarkable in their actions and their bravery, and their stories should be an inspiration to us all.

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