Transport Topics presents “2020 COVID Heroes” Awards

October 23, 2020

Three trucking industry professionals whose courage and selflessness helped their communities manage the frightening early days of the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread through the United States will be honored with Transport Topics’ 2020 COVID Heroes Award.  

The strength and perseverance the nation has shown during this unprecedented year was bolstered by the sacrifices of individuals who shouldered more than their fair share of the weight, taking on added responsibilities and remaining on the trucking industry’s front lines when duty called. Despite the health risks, they made the difficult choice to step up and deliver – literally – so that medical supplies reached caregivers and food reached store shelves.  

The 2020 COVID Heroes will also be recognized for their personal efforts; for reuniting a community; for drawing on personal connections to fill a civic need; for giving back to the community while facing a personal health crisis. The unprecedented circumstances of 2020 have challenged us all, and forced us all to adapt. These individuals rose to the challenge – and then went further.  

"Hard-working professionals in the trucking industry always deliver for the nation, but this year has put the spotlight on just how important these individuals are to the country,” said Transport Topics Executive Editor Joe Howard. “We are proud to honor these two remarkable people."

The 2020 COVID Hero Award recipients will be announced by Transport Topics on October 27 at 3:00 p.m. ET during American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition, which this year is a virtual event.  

The 2020 COVID Hero Awards are the first in Transport Topics’ annual Trucking’s Frontline Heroes Awards, which each year will spotlight individuals whose efforts helped the industry overcome a unique set of challenges.  

Earlier this year, Transport Topics launched Trucking’s Frontline Heroes to spotlight numerous individuals whose specific efforts helped contribute to the nation’s fight against COVID-19. Transport Topics shared these stories in a special publication, a dedicated microsite, and digital shorts to showcase professionals who went beyond their normal routines to directly address the impact of the pandemic on their communities.  

This year, Transport Topics is proud to bestow the title of 2020 COVID Hero on two remarkable industry professionals who fit this model. Not only did they bravely soldier on with their everyday work, they also alleviated burdens on their communities and became sources of strength and goodwill at a time of tremendous need.  




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