2022 Heroes: What You Need to Know

August 29, 2022

Once again, Transport Topics digs deep into some of the nation's biggest news stories to find trucking professionals at the center. Transport Topics Trucking's Frontlines Heroes explores the role that members of the trucking community have played in allaying some of this year's biggest disasters and providing immeasurable support to the people afflicted.

A Home for the Industry's Heroes

To begin, within this microsite, you can find recent news stories which highlight the conflicts and crises that the industry and the world at-large has been forced to navigate. At the frontline of these dangerous situations, we found people who acted swiftly and bravely. Those people are truck drivers and transportation professionals who we seek to honor as Transport Topics Trucking's Frontline Heroes.

Before this year's heroes are announced, you can use this microsite to explore the past years of this project, the meaning of the project, and the history of the award and ceremony. Your full guide to the 2022 Trucking's Frontline Heroes is below.

  -  Transport Topics Heroes Gets a New Home! Special Project Site Launches Week of September 17!

  -  Transport Topics Editorial Team Makes Final 2022 Heroes Selections by the end of September.

  -  Your first chance to win! Tell us your Hero's story.

  -  First Behind the Scenes look at our 2022 Heroes with Dan Ronan in early October

  -  Exclusive sneak peek of Transport Topics at ATA MCE (follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook): week of October 17

  -  Your second chance to win! How well do you know Trucking's Frontline Heroes? Take the Quiz.

  -  Trucking's Frontline Heroes Award Ceremony (with remarks by Sue and a special video package): October 23

  -  TT Booth Opens (meet us and see all our hero décor): October 23

  -  Post-award gathering/Live Podcast Interviews (TTBooth): October 23

  -  Meet, greet, and sip at the Transport Topics Annual MCE Cocktail Party (By invitation only): October 24

  -  Digital broadcast of award ceremony video and podcast interviews from MCE: October 31

  -  Special Release, a collection of highlights from the heroes' stories submitted through this site: December 5

Check back often to find out more about the newest content releases, special social media conversations, and Transport Topics Frontline Heroes' related content being added to the schedule.

2022 Heroes Award Ceremony

If you find yourself at the event, be sure to meet your heroes at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday, October 23 at 4 p.m. (Location details below)

Interested in MC&E and not yet registered? Check out their website here.



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