The 2022 Heroes Ceremony: In Photos

October 31, 2022

On October 23, 2022, Transport Topics honored two heroic trucking professionals in front of a live crowd at ATA (American Trucking Associations) Management Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, CA. Alternating between sober description and joyous presentation, the ceremony reflected the complex picture of industry heroism. Transport Topics Publisher, Sue Hensley, introduced the award, its history, and the year’s recipients. DMC Insurance executive vice president, Vika Shah, underlined the importance of their accomplishments. And a special video package told the stories and accomplishments of the honorees, the challenges they faced, and why and how they chose to overcome such challenges. Then, the heroes took the stage. While their presence punctuated their stories, Hensley and Shah ensured that the crystal awards marked their accomplishments. The story, of course, is best told in pictures.  

Sue Hensley, Transport Topics Publisher, kicks off the Heroes Ceremony at the San Diego Convention Center.
Sue Hensley, Transport Topics Publisher, kicks off the Heroes Ceremony at the San Diego Convention Center.
Trucking's Frontline Heroes
As the lights went down, MCE attendees watched Daniel Harmon's heroic story on the big screen. 
Sergey Bort
Sergey Bort, vice president of Marketing & Strategy at GP Transco, accepts the Transport Topics Trucking's Frontline Heroes award on the ATA MCE mainstage. 
DMC Insurance
Vika Shah, executive vice president at DMC Insurance, gives his trucking praise during the big-screen heroes production.




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