2021 Trucking's ‘Frontline Heroes’ Honored

October 26, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The contributions from two truckers to communities affected by natural disasters were recognized at American Trucking Associations’ annual conference.

Cully Frisard, COO of his family business, Frisard Cos., a Gramercy, La.-based trucking firm, and Gene Woolsey, a Missouri-based retired driver volunteering for Convoy of Hope, were formally honored as Trucking’s Frontline Heroes for 2021 by Transport Topics on Oct. 26 at ATA’s Management Conference & Exhibition at the Music City Center.

Sue Hensley, publisher of TT, praised the honorees, reminding the audience of the two individuals’ records assisting families, friends and communities recovering from unforeseen events and natural disasters.

"As everyone in this audience knows, trucking is an industry full of heroes; full of individuals willing to put others and the common good ahead of their own interest,” she said.

“This year, Transport Topics honors two exceptional individuals who use their industry experience to help thousands of individuals impacted by some of this year’s devastating storms,” Hensley added before introducing the winners.

Gene Woolsey (left) and Cully Frisard on stage to accept the recognition. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)
Gene Woolsey (left) and Cully Frisard on stage to accept the recognition. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

Prior to the ceremony, Frisard said in an interview with TT he is committed to ensuring his family company assists residents in need. The devastating coverage of Hurricane Ida prompted him to send drivers to deliver supplies across hard-hit areas. “We will never leave a city behind when a hurricane hits,” he told TT.

For Woolsey, contributing to communities in need of assistance is a passion. He has traveled to states that have endured natural disasters to assist residents seeking supplies. As he put it, “Before, when I was driving and trying to make a living, you were thinking about what you were going to get paid. But now money is the last of my thoughts. You go into a driver’s meeting, and we ask, what do you need? It’s more like going to church.”


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